Sergio Adillo – Stage director of The Queen’s “guateque” party


Researcher, playwright, poet, and director.


As a researcher, Sergio has published numerous articles and three monographs on the history of staging at the Calderón de la Barca Theatre, one of which received the José Monleón Research Award from the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts.


As an actor, he has starred in productions by companies such as “Nao d’amores”, Teatro de La Abadía, National Classical Theatre Company, Teatro da Cornucópia, Teatro de Almada, the Cross Border Project, among others.


As an author, he has written the collection of poems “La posibilidad de convertir pirañas en peces inofensivos” (The Possibility of Converting Piranhas into Harmless Fish) and has written several dramaturgies on texts from the Golden Age (De Fuente Ovejuna a Ciudad Juárez, Las burladas por don Juan, La tragicomedia de Roselo y Julita, Las bodas del capitán…)


He has directed the puppet show, “La selva sin amor”, the cuplés show, “La fruta más sabrosa”, and the folkloric cabaret with the queer jota dance duo, Trending Tipic.

Iban Beltran – Stage director of Under construction and Wind


Iban Beltran was the artistic co-director of AREAtangent (2004 – 2010), a Barcelona-based platform for young creators. During this time, he took part in € 1 Capsules and directed the radio readings of theatre scripts for COMRàdio’s AREA_TXT programme (2006 and 2007).


He has directed Under Construction (Auditori E. Toldrà, Vilanova i la Geltrú, 2016); Tractat de mà estrica within El Lliure dels Refugiats (Teatre Lliure, 2016); La Serva Padrona (Teatre de les Comèdies, Reus, 2015); VaiVé (L’Auditori, educational programme, 2015); Jazz in viu… Swing! (Palau de la Música Catalana, educational programme, 2014); Faristolitis (Quartet Brossa – Cia. Jordi Bertran, Auditori Pau Casals, 2014); Infecte by Alberto Ramos (Versus Teatre, 2014); Pep Talk by Alberto Ramos (Axis Ballymun Thatre, Dublin, 2013; Twelfth Night with the company, Pàrking Shakespeare (Barcelona 2013); El Furgatori (La Seca Espai Brossa, 2012); Espiadimonis (Teatre Lliure – CAER, 2012); Paella amb Botifarra (Fira Mediterrània – Festival LOLA, 2011); Mit Stalin spielen (Teatre Lliure, 2008, open rehearsal); Entremès dels dos students (recipient of the Fira Mediterrània Award, Festival LOLA Award in 2008 and part of the Cicle Vell i Nou – Library of Catalonia 2009 ); Roses de Gos, ópera con libretto by Albert Roig and music by Francesc Capella / Henry Purcell (CAER 2007); El món d’Ulisses, based on the music of Manel Ribera (part of the 4 × 4 contemporary music cycle, Sala Beckett, 2007) and Instant written by Sebastià Brosa. He has also directed various events such as the 10th Anniversary of Apropa Cultura (L’Auditori Barcelona, 2016), the Solidarity Congress of the Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu (Fira de Bcn, 2017) and the 25th Anniversary of the Catalan Association of Music Schools (Estadi RCD Espanyol, 2018).


As assistant director, Iban has collaborated with Josep Maria Pou, Daniel Veronese, Rosa Novell, Àngels Aymar and Lluís Pasqual. He also frequently collaborates with Joan Ollé with whom he directed the dramaturgy of Hélade (for the inaugural show of the International Theatre Festival of Mérida, July 2012); El Jardí dels Zinc Arbres, from texts by Salvador Espriu (Temporada Alta 2009 and TNC 2009) and Rambleros (2010), a production about Barcelona in the 70s.

Esther Chércoles – Costume designer of Wind


Born in Barcelona in 1978, Esther Chércoles studied Fashion Design at the School of Art and Design (EMAID) before completing her postgraduate degree in Performing Arts and Audiovisual Styling under Míriam Compte (IDEP). She also completed an additional postgraduate degree in Performing Arts Design (IDEP), during which she completed courses in stage costume design taught by María Calderón at the Instituto del Teatro.


Esther has broad experience as a stylist, with highlights including advertising campaigns for Garmin in 2017; documentaries for Dagoll Dagom (La cápsula del tiempo Dagoll and Dagom 40 años) in 2015; costume design for theatre productions at the Aula de Actividades Teatrales Tracart between 2002 -2018; the 2018 Casa de Tracart and Consell Comarcal project; musical theatre styling with the Mestre Montserrat y Tracart group in their 2014 Sweeney Project and her work in MOM Dance by Montserrat Obrador and Salva Cuellar between 2016-2017.


As a costume assistant, Esther has worked in film projects such as 11-11-11 by Darren Lynn Bousman (2011) and Psychophony by Xavier Berraondo (2011). She was also the head of tailoring for the national tour of A View from the Bridge directed by George Lavaudant during the 2016-2017 season and has led the tailoring teams for productions at the Teatro Romea and LG Theatre.


She has experience as a costume assistant for Diagonal Televisión’s series 39 + 1 in 2014, Kubala, Moreno y Machón between 2011 and 2013, Infidels between 2008 and 2010, Gestmusic Ahora caigo in 2013 and she has worked with Mediapro Sagrada Familia in 2011. In cinema, Esther has worked on Joel Joan’s Fènix 11 * 23 in 2011, Eugenio Mira’s Agnosia in 2009, Roman Parrado’s 14 days with Victor in 2009 and Die Stille vor bach by Pere Portabella in 2007.

Oriol Ibàñez – Light design and sound technician of Under construction, Wind and The Queen’s “guateque” party


Oriol Ibáñez studied technology for the performing arts, specialising in lighting, at the School of Performance Technology (Escuela Superior de Técnicas de las Artes del Espectáculo) at Terrassa’s Institut del Teatre. He also completed a training course in audiovisual and performance direction at the Escuela de Medios Audiovisuales in Barcelona.


He works with the artist, creator, and performer, Marcel·lí Antúnez (founder of the Fura dels Bous), initially as a light technician and now leads the technical direction of the studio. He has travelled the world with the artist, carrying out the technical direction and light designs for the shows, “Protomembrana”, “Hipermembrana Cotrone”, “Mitótico” and “Pseudo”.


He is a member of the Guillem Albà company, where he has carried out the lighting design and technical direction of the shows “Sketchofrenia”, directed by Jango Edwards; “Flirt”, directed by Jordi Purtí (awarded the public choice prize at the 2010 Fira de Tàrrega and nominated for Stand Out Show at the 2011 Max Awards), and “Ojal y Calma!” directed by Guillem Albà.


In addition, he has been the light, sound and video technician in various shows produced by the Terrassa Centre for Performing Arts (CAET) and was technical director of the 2010 Festival Teatro de Terror (TDT). Between 2010 to 2016, he was the technical director of the Festival TNT (Terrassa New Trends), and he remains part of the festival’s technical management team. In 2014, he joined the technical direction team of the Roberto Olivan Performing Arts company, and remains a member of the direction team of the Deltebre Dansa Festival, a two-week international festival. He was responsible for the technical direction and lighting design of the contemporary dance show, “Cuculand Souvenir”.


He has also worked, among others, for the Tracart School of Performing Arts, based in Vilanova y la Geltrú; for the show “El Río”, produced by Taller de Músics and directed by Bienve Moya; for the dance company, Lanònima Imperial (“Musicolèpsia”, co-produced and premiered at the National Theatre of Catalonia); for Pau Guillamet, Guillamino, and many theatres in Catalonia. He is currently part of the technical team at the Teatro Principal and the Auditorio Eduard Toldrà, in Vilanova y la Geltrú. In addition, he is regularly part of the teaching team at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona

Álex Martín – Sound designer of Wind


With an already impressive career behind him, Alex Martín has become a point of reference in the electronic music scene. The Barcelona-based producer is one of the most internationally-renowned Spanish artists in club music, an exceptional achievement when the lack of open calls for national productions in this musical field is considered. Alex has collaborated with a long list of names for prestigious European labels, such as F:Communications, Pagoda, Playhouse, Klang, Pod and Hypnotism.


For the French label run by Laurent Garnier, Alex, under the name of Iberian, edited a series of EPs which explored danceable electronic music. At the British label, Pagoda, he mixed an irresistible cocktail of tech house and electronic breaks. Alex began his Phat Db project at the label, Playhouse, while at Klang Pod and Hypnotism, he began to cultivate his electronic side under the names, Sideral and Earcluod. He has an impressive recording history for national labels such as as Cosmos, Boozo, Minifunk and his own label, Higlamm. With Higlamm, he edited material for two of his best-known projects, Full Duplex, groovy house with disco aromas which featured Mayte S, and Phat DB, a project which saw him unleash his techno side. Alex’s impressive CV, as well as his impeccable work for Cosmos, truly distinguishes him from other national artists.

Ana Pérez – Choreographer of Wind


Ana Pérez García is a dancer, choreographer, educator and actor with a degree in Spanish Dance from the Conservatoire of Dance in Madrid (1997). Ana also holds a degree in Dramatic Arts, specialising in gestural movement from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona (2011); the equivalent to a degree in Dance Studies, specialising in education, from the Institut del Teatre (2014) and a postgraduate in Movement and Education from the Institut del Teatre (2017). During her studies, she has been taught by professors such as Israel Galván, Juan Carlos Lérida, Olga Pericet, Pastora Galván, Belén Maya, Marcos Flores, Marta Carrasco and Àngels Margarit (between 2010-2017).


Ana was selected to lead the workshop with the company, Peeping Tom, at the Grec Festival in 2016. Concerned about nature, Ana and Ana Corredor, founded the dance Company, Una del montón, in 2019. The company performed for a season in Barcelona and toured Catalonia with their show of the same name, directed by Roberto Romei. Since 2011, she has trained and worked alongside Andrés Corchero as an assistant for Body Weather and has collaborated in the choreography of Nowhere Man (La Pedrera, 2013) and My Neighbor Sky (Grec 2018). She has been the choreographer and movement assistant for a number of other productions, including La Mort d’Ivan Ilitx (directed by Oriol Broggi, Library of Catalonia) and Desig sota els oms (directed by Joan Ollé, TNC 2017). She is the deputy director of both Simons Stephens’s Pornografia and the company Parking Shakespeare (directed by Iban Beltran, La Farinera, 2018). Since 2012, she has directed the company, Laboratorio de Experimentación Teatral, a resident of La Colmena de Santa Coloma de Gramanet Theatre.


Ana has over twenty years of experience working in education. She has been director and teacher at the CPA Flamenco School in Sant Cugat del Vallès and has taught body technique at Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre for the 4th.


ESAD workshops, Vivo sin vivir en mí and Present vulnerable, directed by Andrés Corchero (2015 and 2016). In 2016, Ana founded her own dance studio, La Tacones, in Sant Cugat del Vallès. She currently combines her work in La Tacones with acting classes at L’Excèntrica, a centre of performing arts in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and with Theatrical Dance at the Institut del Teatre. Ana is also the movement coordinator for the Environmental Education Plan (PEE), a collaborative project between the City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and the Generalitat de Catalunya.