We like music. We like the stage. We want to surprise our audience with every performance and send them home satisfied and with a good impression. We aim for novelty, innovation and breaking down barriers. We therefore put forward a project that will leave no one untouched. The stage design plays a key part in our performance. We do not wish to follow the established rules for classical concerts; we want to create a new concept of performance, where lighting, choreography, costumes and scenography are all equally important.

We don’t make music. We don’t do theatre. WE DO WINDU


In pursuit of Wind

Wind is a dreamlike journey through the different embodiments of wind across our planet, whether produced by humans or nature. It is an inflight concert. Windu’s musicians will once again be performers and not just interpreters. They will interact with video projections, perform choreographed routines, make costume changes as well as use a number of props and other stage resources.


Wind reaffirms the goals and values of Windu’s project and takes an important step forward by introducing additional and sophisticated staging, a greater combination of musical styles and more movement.

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The Queen’s “guateque” party

Windu goes one step further in its ambition to unite music and stage by presenting a show with wonderful music, an abundance of energy and playful humour – an unbeatable combination that will undoubtedly raise smiles, lift the audiences’ spirits, and encourage them to dance and enjoy life.


The Queen’s “Guateque” Party is a unique concert set in a 1960s themed party with music from the 16th and 17th centuries.


Let the show begin!

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