DANI GARAY – Percusion in The Queen’s “guateque” party and ¡Bailamos!


Born in Bilbao, Dani initially studied piano and flute before finally dedicating himself to percussion. During this time, as a member of Bilbao’s Conservatoire of Music Choral Society, he performed in operas, concerts and recordings with maestros such as Víctor Pablo Pérez, Ros Marbá and Juanjo Mena, among others. He completed his studies in historical percussion under Pedro Estevan at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) where he also studied modern drum kit under David Gómez, Ricardo Cantera and Miguel Benito and classical percussion under Manolo Gallardo, Javier Alonso and Joaquín Carrascosa.


As a percussionist specialist in early music, he has been a member and collaborator of groups such as Le Concert des Nations, Hesperion XXI, Euskal Barrokensemble, Concerto Copenhagen, Accademia del Piacere, Al Ayre Español, La Ritirata, Orchestra Baroque of Seville, Collegium Musicum Madrid, Capilla Santa María, Georgian Sinfonietta, Windu, Luz y Norte, La Spagna, Opera Omnia, El Concierto Español, Nereydas, Secretvm, La Galanía, La Fenice and Forma Antiqva, among others. With these ensembles, he has recorded several CDs and offered various programmes throughout much of Spain and further afield.


As a classical percussionist, he has worked with the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Et Incarnatus Orchestra, BIOS, premiered several operas by Iñigo Casalí with the Navarra Opera de Chamber and Jenkins’ Requiem with Leoia’s Young Orchestra. He has performed a version of Carmina Burana for two pianos and solo percussion and Mass for Peace by Jenkins with the Laredo choir as well as various premieres of works for organ and percussion by Patxi García Garmilla and “El peso del amor” and “Izarren Bidean” by maestro,  Julen Ezkurra.


He has also formed part of musical-theatre productions including, “Égloga de Plácida y Vitoriano” and “La vida es sueño” with the National Classical Theatre Company under the direction of Ignacio García and Helena Pimenta, “Flamma” in Toledo for the commemoration of the birth of Greco in 2014 and the show, “De lo humano… y divino”, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela under the direction of Carlos Mena and Joan Anton Rechi.

RODRI MUÑOZ – Percusion in The Queen’s “guateque” party


He studied at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Segovia, specializing in percussion. He continued his percussion studies at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid and specialized in Jazz at the Escuela Superior de Música del País Vasco MUSIKENE. He trained as well in other branches of percussion with teachers such as Pedro Esteban, in early music, or Eliseo Parra in the world of traditional music.


Professionally he develops his activity combining composition and interpretation. He has played with groups such as Nuevo Mester de Juglaría, Miguel Blanco Big Band and other jazz groups such as Laukote Quartet (winner of the first Castellón International Jazz Award) or Daniel Cano Quintet (finalist group of the Palma de Mallorca Jazz National Award), rock and traditional music. He has also worked as a stage musician, composer and preparing actors for companies such as Manuel Canseco (Julio César by W. Shakespeare in 2001), Rakata (De Madrid a Toledo by Tirso de Molina in 2006), Nao D’Amores (El Cristo de los Gascones in 2008, Acto de los Reyes Magos in 2009 by Ana Zamora) or the Compañía Nacional de Teatro (Del Rey abajo ninguno by Rojas Zorrilla in 2007 and De cuando acá nos vino de Lope de Vega in 2009). In 2014, he toured as a stage musician with the Andrea D’Odorico company with the show Así es si así fue by Juan C. Asperilla directed by Laila Ripoll. In 2015 he worked as a stage musician for the Nao D’Amores company in the show Triunfo de amor on texts by Juan de la Enzina and directed by Ana Zamora. He currently combines his activity as an instrumentalist with teaching drums at the Escuela Superior de Música Creativa in Madrid.

MOISÉS MAROTO – Recorder player in El guateque de la reina


Recorder player and music educator at the Canal School of Music (Madrid).


As a recorder player, Moisés studied at the Aragon Conservatoire of Music (CSMA), under Anna Margules, where he received an honours in his speciality in 2014. In 2016, he obtained a teaching title in the Master’s of Early Music at the School of Music, Arts and Performance (ESMAE, Porto) where he studied under Dr. Pedro Silva. He then went on to graduate with honours from the Master’s in Musicology and Early Music Interpretation at the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC) in 2019, having studied under the renowned Pedro Memelsdorff.


He has formed part of several orchestras and ensembles, including the Renaissance group, O Bando de Surunyo, who he still regularly collaborates with, under the direction of Hugo Sanches, as well as the Sesqvialtera Ensemble (ESMAE), under the direction of Pedro Sousa Silva. In 2016, Moisés joined the Spanish Theatre Company and performed as an instrumentalist in the company’s show, Nao D’amores, under the direction of Ana Zamora and Alicia Lazaro. The production participated in the prestigious Almada International Theatre Festival and the Almagro Classical Theatre Festival. He also collaborates with the group, Arte Mínima, under the direction of Pedro Sousa Silva.


Currently, Moisés is a member and founder of the chamber group, Barrock´n´roll, an ensemble which has performed at several prestigious international festivals (including the Pyrenees Early Music Festival and the X International Chamber Music Festival Monteléon) and has received awards including the prize at the 2013 International Early Music Competition in Gijón. He is a member of the German group, Continuum XX, supported by the German institution, Deutscher Musikrat, and is a member and founder of the Serendipia Ensemble, with which he has performed at prestigious festivals such as the International Festival of Sacred Art in Madrid (FIAS 2021).

ELOI FUGUET – Recorder player in Under construction, Wind and El guateque de la reina


Recorder player and musical educator at the ECMM of Vilanova y la Geltrú and at the San Francisco International Orff Course (California, USA).


He was born in Barcelona on March 30, 1979. As a recorder player he obtained the Honors and Higher Degree Honor Award in Barcelona and was able to learn from great flutists such as Josep Ma Saperas, Juan Izquierdo, Paul Leenhouts, Walter van Hauwe, Pedro Memelsdorff or Pierre Hamon. He has played in various Catalan, Spanish and Dutch cities, mainly in early music ensembles. He was part of the Windu recorder quartet, of the Renaissance ensemble Fortuna d’un gran tempo, he has collaborated with The Ripieno Consort and the famous baroque music ensemble Il Giardino Armonico. He was a founding member of the En Bloc Quartet.


As a teacher, he has extensive experience in teaching and promoting his instrument, mainly in music schools and conservatories. Graduated from Orff Schulwerk from the San Francisco Orff Institute, he is currently a flute teacher at the ECMM of Vilanova y la Geltrú and at the San Francisco International Orff Course (California, USA). In addition, he is the director of the amateur recorder orchestra Consort Pere Serra.


As a cultural manager, he has trained at the Escuela Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) together with Jordi Martí and Joan Oller, among other managers. Subsequently, he managed the chamber orchestras of Terrassa and Granollers, apart from developing various production and music programming tasks as a freelance. He has been the programmer of the Sábados de merienda cycle at the Palau Gomis of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), he was the music programmer for the Eduard Toldrà Auditorium in Vilanova y la Geltrú and he performs tasks as manager and creator of musical content on the internet at El Megafono for various entities and musical formations. He is also a co-founder of the independent classical music label Beltempo Records.