In pursuit of wind


Wind is a poetic show, an oneiric and musical journey through the different manifestations of WIND across our PLANET, whether produced by humans or NATURE.


Wind is a flight-concert. When entering the concert hall, the audience become FLIGHT PASSENGERS and embark on this trip alongside the members of Windu and their Recorders.


The performers-musicians accompany the public dressed as flight attendants while the audience embarks on an incomparable sensory journey full of textures and atmospheres.


From the simplicity of its scenography, the work unfolds in a multitude of multifactorial experiences, with live projections and choreographic movements perfectly combined with the classical music that builds the structure. (The programme includes classical music by Telemann, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Botri or Castello).


Windu’s musicians will once again become performers and not simply interpreters. They will interact with the audience through a range of theatrical resources, transforming this “inflight concert” into an unforgettable spectacle. Of course, all the while maintaining wind as the main protagonist.


Musically, Wind has seen the quartet take a step forward in its exploration of the recorder. By combining the recorder with other instruments, introducing electronic music of its iwn creation, and blending early and contemporary music in an unique and unforgettable way.


Wind represents a reaffirmation of our artistic project with started with Under Construction, our first show, and takes an important step. As a result of this technical and artistic expansion, Windu’s team has also grown. Esther Chércoles, Ana Pérez (Choreographer) and Álex Martín (Electronic Sound Designer) have all joined the team. Oriol Ibàñez (Light Designer and Technician), Marcel Leal (Video creation) and Iban Beltran (Stage Director).


With our first show, we focused on the theme of the creation of the recorder. In our second production, Wind, the focus will be on a non-human, yet closely related concept: THE WIND that accompanies our daily lives: drying clothes on the line, flying a kite, listening to waves crash on the shore, or enjoying a soft breeze on a misty day, wind truly is ever-present in our daily lives. It is also this wind, of course, that brings life to our instrument: THE RECORDER.


Windu goes out in pursuit of wind…



Let the adventure begin!

Artistic and technical team

Eva Jornet, Marcel Leal, Iris Mañà and Chris Orton, Recorder players


  • Iban Beltran, stage director
  • Oriol Ibàñez, lighting designer, sound technician
  • Marcel Leal, video and sound designer
  • Esther Chércoles, costume designer
  • Ana Pérez, choreographer
  • Álex Martín, sound creator and designer
  • Martí Selga, sound engineer



Audience comments:

Dave Brubeck (1920-2012):

Take 5



Jan Van der Roost (1956):

I continenti (North America)



Dario Castello (1590-1630):

Sonata XVI



Santiago de Murcia (1673-1739)

Gaspar Sanz (1640-1710)

Diego Ortiz (1510-1570

Folías Gallegas, Canarios i Ricercada.



Jan Van der Roost (1956):

I continenti (South America y Oceania)



Romà Escalas (1945):

Rosa dels vents (Migjorn)




Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):

Passacaglia en do menor BWV 582



Jan van Landeghem (1954):

Türkischer hummelflug



Robert Johnson (1583-1633):

The Temporiser



Henry VIII (1491-1547):

Pastyme with good company



Serguéi Rajmáninov (1873-1943):

Bogoródtse Djovo



Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767):

Quartet en re menor (Allegro) de la Tafelmusik



Dela Botri

I surrender

The show