The Queen’s party


Renaissance dance music mixed with a typical 60’s party

Welcome to The Queen’s party, a new concert by Windu. On this occasion, the program focuses on the English Renaissance dance repertoire of composers such as Dowland, Byrd, Simpson or Playford, accompanied by great Spanish counterpoint composers such as Antonio de Cabezón or Gabriel Menalt. A different concert, set in a 60’s party but with music from the XVI and XVII century. Good music and fun assured!

Although the current courts are no longer dancing (we are still waiting to see some of our kings doing some dancing in public), in other times the dance was the main entertainment of the nobility and one of the Few occasions in which you could have physical contact with someone.

Windu shows in this program a fan of slow and slow dances, with feet on the floor and with jumps, with simple and complicated choreographies, in group and by pair. Next to the twig is the majestic pavana, the joyful jumping or the sensual sarabanda.

The project is split a bit from the first show Under Construction but it maintains scenic elements representative of the quartet as the projections so characteristic of the Windu brand and is open to all kinds of audiences, designed from the day of the premiere as a family member.


Fitxa artística
  • Windu, recorders
  • Dani Garay, percussion
  • Oriol Ibáñez, lighting design
  • Marcel Leal, video